//Junkstock 2016//

What better subject for my first post than Junkstock! For those of you who don’t know, Junkstock is basically a giant flea market filled with tons of amazing junk, vintage items, and thousands of knick-knacks. I went with my mom and sister, this was our second year and we have decided to make a tradition out of it.

We spent about an hour on the highway just trying to get in. What should have been a 12 minute drive from my apartment turned into an hour and twelve minutes. It was hard to complain though with a view of the beautiful Nebraska countryside.

js1js2There are so many cute little signs to welcome you in.

“Peace love and junk to all who enter”

js3js4js5js26js6I love getting to see my mama in all these pictures. I think she was pretty stoked too because she has always been the one behind the camera. It’s your time to shine Suz.

js7*note to self* buy flannels from the Salvation Army or Goodwill, they are much cheaper.

However, I will say that Junkstock flannels make for pretty cute pictures.

js8If this is your dog, I’m not sorry that I was creepy and took a picture of him. I mean come on, look at that precious little face.

js9js10js11Last year we came to this stand and got a bottle of their homemade root beer. They told us that if we brought back the bottle we could get a refill for $3. Naturally, I thought that my mom would definitely forget it but she shocked us all (love you mama) and remembered to bring it! It was just as good as the year before.

js12“Hey E.Beth, take a picture of me doing a root beer shot” Here she is folks, my sister in all her glory.

js13When lunchtime rolled around we were in desperate need of something to raise our blood sugar. How are you supposed to visit hundreds of different vendors on an empty stomach? You don’t. You just get irritated and crabby. When we found the “Cactus Jacks” food truck we were pumped to try their food. I got the smoked cheddar and bacon burger, mama got the chicken nachos, and Bekah got the swiss cheese and mushroom burger. A+ for everything.

Some more knick-knacks and things I thought were cute. 🙂

js18js19js20js21js22js23Featured below are the things that I bought throughout the day! A cute little rag rug-$6, vintage clock- $4, Junkstock mug- $8, and sign for the coffee bar in my apartment- $15.

js24And finally, my favorite picture from the whole day… Go to Junkstock people, I promise it’s worth it.



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