//the house guest//

Ok folks. For the new year, I’ve asked God to reveal the ugliest parts about me, to totally strip me from the inside no matter how much it may hurt. It’s only day eight people and wow. I imagined he would reveal things every once in a while, having no idea that it would be daily.

I’ve recently come to realize something about myself. Anxiety is a sin. MY anxiety is a sin. A sin with which I seem to struggle a whole lot more when a new semester rolls around (like many of you probably do). I was once told that when a thought comes to my mind I was supposed to decide whether or not it could come in. I would like to say that when anxiety comes knockin’ on the door of my mind I shove it away and slam the door right in its face. ha. That’s not what happens. Here are a few things that I’ve learned about this “house guest”.

Anxiety always comes on account of an invitation

Anxiety is best entertained by a full schedule

Anxiety doesn’t leave until it steals some aspect of our joy

We read articles written about anxiety titled “10 things not to say to someone with anxiety”, telling the people around us how to live in order to not provoke the anxious feelings within us. “Please change the way you speak to me so that my sin can live at peace in my heart. Thanks”. Yeahhhhh doesn’t sound too great when it’s put that way. Which is why in today’s world we seem to be making room for our sin. We invite it in, feed it, converse with it, and watch as it leaves saying, “I’ll see you soon!”

I know some of you must be thinking, I have never invited anxiety into my mind. Yes… yes you have, my friend. When you wake up with that horrible pit inside your stomach and turn to anything else BUT God to take it away. That’s an invite. When you start thinking about that group project due in three months that hasn’t even been assigned yet, and complain to your friends instead of dismissing the thought. That’s an invite. I understand more than anyone the pain that this worry and anxiety causes, I really do. However, there has to come a point where we step back and call out our anxiety for what it is. Not trusting in God.

It’s time to choose joy in every moment and remember that the God of the world sent his son to die for you in order that these sins may be taken away. Accept that! Accept the fact that what Jesus did for you was/is/and always will be enough, and that anything and everything you do will never be enough.

I do know there are clinical forms of anxiety and that God has blessed many physicians and counselors to help deal with those. Still, I will say that it’s high time we replace every worrisome, fearful, and anxious feeling with Jesus. ONLY Jesus. There can only be one master of your heart, don’t let it be anxiety. I’ll ask God to continue to work in me and I’ll pray that he works in you, too.

p.s. I don’t care if you wanted to be the pot or the kettle because I’m calling dibs on the kettle.

p.p.s. for those of you who don’t understand the above p.s. it basically means that this whole post could be me talking to myself.



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