Baby Gillespie//Delivery Day

Let me tell you something, this day will not soon be forgotten. When Bronwyn texted me and asked if I would take pictures the day of her delivery a few months back I was absolutely giddy.

This family is my second family, and I idolized Bronwyn when I was growing up. Her sister, Annie, and I would dress up in her heels and skirts, pretending we were as cool as her. I watched her dance for the dance team. I saw her graduate and then marry Cody, the man of her dreams. I got to see as she become a first-time mom and now this.

The morning started at around 6:30 (even earlier for Cody and Bronwyn) and I was absolutely terrified. You can only have your baby once, ya know? I didn’t want to forget to capture anything important. However, once everything began to unfold I was totally caught up in the beauty of it all.

These pictures are some of my favorite so far because they’re all done in a documentary style. No poses, no forced smiles, only joy. The Gillespies are now a family of five and everyone is healthy. God is so good.

Also, baby Brooks has the sweetest little lips and his older sister has the prettiest eyes. That’s all.

Now enjoy!

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